Agreement to speed up investigations into alleged sexual abuse

Dominique fait part de son opinion sur cet accord et ce qu’il entraine (en anglais).

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Now here in Paris Catholic leaders and prosecutors have agreed to speed up investigations into alleged sexual abuse by members of the clergy under the agreement signed yesterday the Diocese of Paris will immediately report any allegations of wrongdoing into prosecutors because until now the church would first conduct its own internal investigation well for more on those developments I’m joined here on set by Dominic Chevillard he’s the he works with a Catholic Association Cathovoice and he joins me here good evening thanks very much for coming in. First of all, are you pleased that this deal has been passed this week ?

I’m most happy I’m most happy because we have had quite a few issues with innocents been being troubled if I may say so and it’s very important to protect them so that anybody doing wrong things knows that he’s going to have trouble and it will be fast and quick that is very important protection of the innocence w

Why has it taken so long for this to happen why is it been allowed for years that the Catholic Church conducts its own investigation first of all turning it over to the formal prosecutors it ?

Let’s deal with it with the agreement itself it’s the third of the coins in France it’s just historical the two first one where we’re with if I remember well French Ministry of Education and it’s pretty recent the second is Paris hospitals so it’s pretty new for the justice to sign such agreements

Is it your priority as a Catholic Association here in France to try and rebuild trust in the Catholic Church because we’ve seen in the past year but particularly in the past couple of months more and more cases of historic sexual abuse emerging ?

That’s correct and that’s such a shame that so many kids had been hurt and that’s dramatic and we need to to pray for them that’s my beliefs it’s very important so it’s very important than all of them being blamed and condemned and all those crimes in punished that’s very important

But are you are you concerned that the institution of the Catholic Church in France is under threat that people will no longer trust it in the way they used to 100 200 years ago ?

My point is believing in the Christ if I may say so it’s the institution by itself is not that much important its innocence have to be protected and the very faith of the Christ is to protect the poor the small the innocence

To quote you the innocent must be protected so let me ask you about one specific case burna pray at this was a priest who was accused of abusing as many as 85 boys here in France he’s now being defrocked that means he’s no longer eased and but allegedly the church cover up his crimes for years what’s your view on that case

That’s a difficult question because it’s very old now it’s to all to be pursued so it’s quite difficult because my belief is that silence is not only with the priests is with everybody and it’s not only with a church so that’s a very difficult issue and we now do realize how dramatic this is for the kids and it will come out years later and it will hurt them very badly in their souls so it’s very important that he cannot be pursued because it is too old but now as you’ve said he’s defrocked he does no longer act in any way but it’s always a question of protecting the poor

Dominic Chevillard from the Catholic Association cathode voice thank you very much for coming in to share your time and your thoughts with us this evening on paris